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Durban Corporate Investigations

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Who We Are:

Headed up by Thinus Schoeman and Russell Edmunds, Durban Corporate Investigations offers a combined 57 years of qualified professional detective and security experience.

Based in Durban North, Durban Corporate Investigations has a network of highly qualified affiliates operating throughout South and Southern Africa, thereby ensuring that we have a highly capable footprint throughout Southern Africa.

Fraud investigations

Our qualified former SAPS detectives offer a comprehensive forensic investigative service into Fraud. Their knowledge, understanding and skill in approaching such cases as well as how evidence is obtained, police dockets are compiled as well as presented before courts or private sector tribunals and how oral or written evidence is led ensure a high success and conviction rate.

Theft and Robbery

With the detective services of the SAPS being overworked and often under qualified, our team of investigators work alongside and often provide valuable investigative input and insight into criminal matters. Our experienced team of investigators acquire and produce evidence often overlooked by others this coupled with our years of experience working in various SAPS detective units, ensures that evidence gathered is done so legally and will be admissible in court. Our investigators have vast experience in presenting evidence in and testifying before a court of law.

Investigations into marital affairs and infidelity

Matrimonial matters are highly charged and emotional. Often both parties stand to lose and on occasions false allegations can be made by third parties. Our experienced team of investigators are well equipped and discreetly handle these sensitive issues in a professional manner. Should the need arise our investigators are able to testify to their findings in court.

Tracing of missing persons and debtors

Whether a missing loved one, an absconded employee or debtor, DCI has a wealth of experience in tracing such persons, with a very high success rate in this field. In the modern world there is no safe place to hide.

Debt collecting

DCI employ legal means in order to compel persons or companies to settle outstanding debts. Our methods are legal but highly persuasive and we work closely with legal firms in this regard.

Polygraph services

Although Polygraphs are not legally admissible they still offer a strong indication of a person’s background and character, a person’s reluctance to undergo a polygraph would also be an indication of a person’s character.

DCI offers the following:

Pre-employment vetting polygraphs; To establish the true character and background of a potential employee in order to avoid potential future problems of a criminal or civil nature.

These tests have often exposed false qualifications and identification documents as well as past work experience references, often leading people to confess to past crimes.

Post Incident polygraphing; Often used to prove the innocence of a suspect, this type of service is a valuable tool in fighting internal theft at companies or homes.

Periodic and routine polygraphs; Can be used to detect a wide range of irregularities ranging from petty theft to drinking or taking drugs on duty. This is also a significant tool to deter employees from contemplating future such actions.

Pre-employment screening

75% of drug abusers are employed, The US chamber of commerce states that 75% of employees steal at least once and with current legislation making it extremely difficult to dismiss untrustworthy or unproductive employees, Pre-employment vetting may just end up being the single most important act leading to the success or failure of a business.

Electronic surveillance

With a wealth of experience in this field, particularly in vehicle tracking, DCI offers a range of tailor-made services best suited to our client’s needs. These services include but are not limited to vehicle tracking, fleet management, CCTV installations, Covert Cameras and related surveillance, establishing and management of CCTV control rooms as well as the bugging and debugging of homes and businesses.

Undercover operatives

By placing or infiltrating undercover agents in strategic positions of the work place such as at receiving, dispatch or working alongside drivers, DCI assists a company’s senior management in assessing whether they have a theft problem, able to ensure that drivers as well as strategic staff are honest, is any strike action being planned, has stock been purposely damaged, and are company processes and procedures being correctly adhered to and notably, are security complicit with staff in any way.